TravelTracker w/ TripIt

April 19, 2009

TravelTracker w/ TripIt$9.99 from Silverware Software TravelTracker w/ TripIt

TravelTracker – Your Personal Travel Assistant


March 3 – Featured in USA Today’s Money Section

With one tap, you can download all of your TripIt information into TravelTracker. It will download each of your trips and any flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, transports, meetings, activities, notes, articles and restaurant reservations. This information will then be available to you with our without an internet connection. Not familiar with TripIt? Check it out at

New Version now supports TripIt Notes and Articles!

Apple chose TravelTracker as one of their featured products for their World Travel focus for the iPhone.

TravelTracker is your all-inclusive personal travel assistant. It stores all vital information for a trip and displays it in a convenient itinerary screen. Additionally, it will allow you to record all of the key pieces of information you need after your trip. This is a must have product for both business and personal use.

Its most powerful features include:

* Intuitive and well crafted user interface.
* One touch flight status.
* Stores frequently flown flights.
* Customizable packing lists.
* Records all details of your travel expenses.
* Recordkeeping of all of your frequent traveler award programs.
* Worldwide airport database with links to airport websites.
* Airplane database with link to seating charts.
* Email your itinerary (HTML, plain text or comma delimited).
* Email your expenses (plain text or comma delimited).
* Download current weather conditions for airports you specify and those that are in your day’s travels.
* Download weather forecasts for airports.
* Download currency exchange rates and know exactly your total trip expenses in the currency you choose.
* Set a default currency for trips.
Silverware has been developing mobile software applications since 1993 when it sold it first mobile app for the Apple Newton.

Silverware – Elegant software you can hold in your hand

TravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripIt

Flight Status

April 17, 2009

Flight Status$4.99 from UnitConvertr Flight Status

Flight Status if your end-to-end powerful flight tracking application and a great information assistant for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It provides information on Flights, Airports and Airlines – the only flight tracking app to do so in AppStore.

Flight Status lets you check the status of thousands of flights across 1200 Airlines flying between 4250+ Airports world wide making it the only app you’ll need for your air travel.

Apart from checking the status of the flights, you can view maps with live weather radar for En Route flights, view Terminal, Gate and Baggage Claim information, live airport temperature and weather forecast information (for US & Canada) and even zoom-able maps of all airports worldwide.

You can check the status of the flights in three ways. 1) By Flight Number 2) By Route and 3) By Airport. With these three approaches, you can pretty much track any flight with this app. The Trips module lets you manage your travel itinerary for your flights. You can check the status of flights and add them to a Trip for quick access with a simple tap.

Flight Status is the only application that provides Flights, Airports and Airlines information all clubbed together into a single powerful application. Combining this information with the organizational capabilities of the Trips module provides all the info you need at your finger tips during your travel.

Here are the key highlights of this application…

* Powerful flight tracker application
* Check Flight Status for worldwide flights
* Searches flights by Flight Number, Route & Airport
* Displays Terminal, Gate & Baggage Claim Information
* Provides estimates for Arrival, Takeoff and Landing
* Provides information about Flight Delays & Cancellations
* Maps for En Route flights in US, Canada and UK
* Arrival & Departure Delay information for airports in US & Canada
* Weather Forecast & live temperature info for airports in US & Canada
* Displays zoom-able map of all airports worldwide
* Remembers recently used Airports & Airlines
* Trips module manages your flight itinerary
* Lets you filter your results by Airlines
* Horizontal views for Flight Status screen – When you tilt your phone
* Enlarged Maps for En Route flights available in horizontal mode
* Tracks status of multi-segment flights
* Lets you input your flight confirmation numbers in the Trips module
* Tracks flights from 4250+ Airports operated by 1200+ Airlines

and more…

The information displayed in this app is gathered from and maps from FlightView which are very reliable sources of information for tracking flights.

If you are a frequent flier, this application can be priceless. If you’d like to manage your complete travel itinerary including Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Meeting, Appointments etc check out our ‘Trips’ application.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at

Flight StatusFlight StatusFlight StatusFlight StatusFlight Status


April 14, 2009

iTog$1.99 from iTog

Tager du toget?? iTog vil automatisk finde den nærmeste station og vise dig realtime afgange for alle tilgængelige linier.

ITog viser både s-tog, regional, intercity og metro…Den mest komplette dækning i Danmark.

iTog understøtter favoritter. Gem dine favorit stationer så du hurtigt kan få adgang til dem.

NYT: Nu kan du emaile afgangstavler til en ven eller en kollega

Skal du løbe til stationen, eller vente?? iTog skal nok hjælpe dig…

iTog viser trafik meldinger fra både DSB, Banedanmark og metro. Fuldt overblik over alle skinner i Danmark

Med iTog kan du selv vælge hvilken station du vil se data fra. Og du kan endda få vist vej til stationen via Google Maps!

iTog refresher information hvert minut, eller når en ny station bliver den nærmeste.

iTog virker på både iPhone og Ipod Touch. For iPod Touch kræves der dog en Wifi forbindelse der kan lokaliseres geografiskt. Så hvis Google Maps kan finde din lokation kan iTog også.

iTog displays realtime departures and traffic information for all trains in Denmark.


Translator – 16 Languages

April 9, 2009

Translator - 16 Languages$2.99 from Bad Dog Apps Translator - 16 Languages

Goto our website to see a movie of the new version and all are other iPhone applications.

With Translator, translation of 16 languages into individual words or full sentences is at your finger tips!

Have you ever pulled out a translation book, thumbed through the pages looking for the correct translation then held up the book with its small type? Remember the confusion from the person you were trying to communicate with as they tried to see what you were talking about? This is why you need Translator.

Translator is an indispensable utility for any holiday or business trip abroad. Type in your own sentences for translation or modify one of the 250 stored popular sentences that are categorized for quick browsing and searching. You can store any translation for future use by creating your own favorites list. Stored translations are ALWAYS available to you and you can reach out to Google with one touch if you need additional translation power.

Engage in a live running conversation in an instant message chat format with the person standing next to you. You can even make conversations more personal by adding photos of you and your new friend to the translation screen using the built-in iPhone camera.

Ever wish you could easily email a hotel for accommodations in the local language? Translator can solve that problem. Write emails in your native language, translate, then touch the email button. Voilà!

Translator works in both portrait and landscape mode and includes a translation viewer to easily display the conversion in large, clear text. Custom settings allow you to adjust font sizes for both text and table views, making translation viewing easy—even without your reading glasses.

Easy navigation includes access to intelligent translations for commonly used sentences and favorite phrases. You can even swap languages with a single touch. Translator can work natively in 14 languages, excluding Greek and Romanian. Localization support (but not translation support) is available for Korean and Russian.

Translator is very efficient requiring only a minimal amount of Internet bandwidth per translation. If you are roaming the world outside of your data plan, the small cost for the capabilities of Translator will hardly be noticed. You are only sending and receiving a small amount of text—less than the size of a small email.

Translator supports 16 languages for two-way translation:
English, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish.

Note: A WiFi or Cell connection is required to run Translator, but not necessary to use the 250 stored translations or your favorite words or phrases.

Translator - 16 LanguagesTranslator - 16 LanguagesTranslator - 16 LanguagesTranslator - 16 LanguagesTranslator - 16 Languages


April 6, 2009

Trapster$0.00 from Trapster

Trapster(R), your iPhone alerts you as you approach police speed traps, red light cameras, and speed cameras.

Join a worldwide community that is over 500,000 users strong, with over 400,000 of those using the iPhone!

It’s a high tech way to do the same thing people have been doing for years with CB radios and flashing headlights at other drivers to warn them of a speed trap ahead. It works using the GPS and WiFi location capabilities of your iPhone.


– World’s most complete and up to date speed trap and camera database
– Real time alerts for police radar/laser speed traps, mobile speed cameras, and checkpoints
– Alerts for red light cameras, fixed speed cameras, and known speed trap locations
– Virtual Radar(TM) dynamic alert area based on speed and direction of travel.
– As you approach a reported trap a voice alert will play, and on-screen icons will animate, according to the type of trap (for example “Live Police!”).
– All new real time scrolling map option that keeps the “you are here” dot in the middle.
– Full gesture support with double tap zoom in/out
– Real time traffic/accidents/incidents
– Report traps that you see by simply tapping the screen.
– Rate traps submitted by other users (agree/disagree).
– The system learns the credibility of users over time based on how many other users agree with the traps they report.
– “Push” notification starts the app via the Trapster real time live police report text messaging system.

* My Trips feature

– This feature broadens the scope of the app beyond speed traps, to a useful and fun travel tool.
– Record your trips, see them in the app, and on the Web.
– Share your trips with your friends and family. They can watch your progress in real time from any computer, or iPhone.
– Geo-tag your trip with photos and notes about interesting things you see.
– Privacy: Keep your trip totally private, share it with the world, or share it only with certain people you choose.
– Delete your trips when you don’t want them any more. We don’t save your trips if you don’t want them.

It’s FREE, it’s fun, and it might save you a lot time, embarrassment, and money spent on traffic violation fees and increased insurance premiums. Download it now and give it a try!

Click the “Help” in the lower right of the app for complete instructions.

Note: Signing up for a Trapster account is optional, however an account is required if you want to use the new My Trips feature, report traps that you see, set up customized alert filters, receive real time text message alerts, and use private messaging. We do not distribute, share, sell, rent, etc. your private information such as your email address or mobile number to anyone, period, nor have we ever. Read the privacy policy on our Web site for more details.


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Trapster – Handyortung mit Zusatzfunktionen
Eine ähnliche / vergleichbare Funktion der Handyortung gibt es auch auf dem iPhone mit dem Programm Trapster. Als kleines Schmankerl obendrauf warnt Trapster den Autofahrer akustisch, sobald er sich einer (gemeldeten / bekannten)

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[定位導航] Trapster告訴你附近有哪些測速照相機
軟體名稱:Trapster 軟體分類:定位導航官方網站: 安裝資源:App Store 操作等級:▼▽▽▽▽ 推薦安裝:▲▲▽▽▽ 購買費用:免費 ————————————————— 越來越多有趣的軟體出現在AppStore

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15+ FREE iPhone Apps to Navigate Your World
There are a lot of iPhone apps. Thousands of them. And a good percentage are location-aware. They function with the help of cellular tower spotting or GPS to give users real-world perspective on what surrounds them.

Lingolook MEXICO

April 4, 2009

Lingolook MEXICO$4.99 from Lingolook Publishing LLC Lingolook MEXICO

Lingolook Apps are the innovative, new all-in-one destination-specific travel phrasebook application for iPhone designed to help English-speaking travelers get by abroad in a flash!

Speak Spanish with Mexican flair using Lingolook, Master perfect pronunciation of essential travel keywords and phrases from over 300 “talking translations” or flash your iPhone with the large type translations showcased on 75 cleverly designed flashcards.


– 500+ essential words and phrases
– 300+ audio translations
– 75 illustrated flashcards
– Extra large type and phonetics
– Fast search by travel category or index
– Instant replay of audio translations at your fingertips
– Convenient “Favorites” menu to highlight cards used most often
– Reference section with Mexican travel tips, menu-readers, chart size, numbers and more!
– No internet connection required


iTouch: Ensure Sound Effects are on. In Settings, choose General > Sound Effects and select whether you want the audio to play via speaker, via headphones, or both.

iPhone: Ensure Ringer (located on upper left of device) is on; the audio will not play in silent mode.

Lingolook MEXICOLingolook MEXICOLingolook MEXICOLingolook MEXICOLingolook MEXICO

iPhone でスペイン語
Web アプリ. 20 アプリ)スペインのニュース。 iConjugator!(Web アプリ)動詞活用データベース。オランダ語英語フランス語ドイツ語もあり。 Spanish Flash Cards(Web アプリ)スペイン語単語のフラッシュカード。Indiana 大学。

Vegas Mate

April 1, 2009

Vegas Mate$4.99 from Vegas Media Group Vegas Mate

The best of Las Vegas, in your pocket.

Read, write and share reviews of your favorite hotels, restaurants and shows with other Vegas Mate users.

Vegas Mate is an interactive, location-aware city guide for Las Vegas, NV from the publishers of

Over the past 10 years we’ve been building a database of ratings and reviews that you can now carry with you on your trip. Want to add your two cents? Submit your own review that will be shared with everyone, right on the spot!

With the hundreds of choices in Las Vegas, Vegas Mate puts you in the driver’s seat.

We cover The Strip, Downtown, and many off-Strip casinos along with the almost 500 restaurants, shows and nightclubs inside them. Become a more educated tourist!


• Read, write and share reviews for hundreds of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and shows in Las Vegas.
• See what’s nearby (and know if it’s any good) at a glance.
* Filter restaurants by cuisine or cost.
• Vegas Mate is updated regularly with the latest restaurants, hotels and nightclubs, just like Las Vegas. User reviews update over the air to allow you to quickly share your opinions with other users.
• Looking for late night food? We show you the restaurants that are open nearby if you need a late night bite.
• Expert Help feature includes information on tipping, climate, the ‘$20 trick’ as well as other travel tips – become an expert yourself!
• Call the hotels and restaurants with a single tap (iPhone only).
• Show all locations quickly on a map.

An online screen cast is here:

Have a question? Want to suggest a feature or correction? Check our support page for more information.

New content is added on a regular basis – for the latest info, make sure you’ve installed all updates.

For future free updates, features will include iPhoneOS 3.0 specific capabilities like better built-in maps, new content items like restaurant menus and more. We’re just getting started!

Vegas MateVegas MateVegas MateVegas MateVegas Mate

Lingolook JAPAN

March 31, 2009

Lingolook JAPAN$4.99 from Lingolook Publishing LLC Lingolook JAPAN

Speak Japanase like a local with a tap of your Multi-Touch display using Lingolook Flashcards, an invaluable all-in one travel application for iPhone and iTouch.

Master perfect pronunciation of essential travel keywords and phrases from over 300 “talking translations” or flash your iPhone with the large type translations showcased on 75+ cleverly designed flashcards.

YouTube demon in Tokyo:
– keyword: Lingolook
– Title: Not lost in Translation!

– No internet connection required
– 500 most essential words and phrases, including 300+ crystal clear native audio translations
– 600 essential words and phrases
– 300+ audio translations
– 75 illustrated flashcards
– Extra large type and phonetics
– Reference section with menu readers, travel tips, country facts and more!
– Fast search by category or index
– Convenient “Favorites” menu
– Instant audio replay


iTouch: Ensure Sound Effects are on. In Settings, choose General > Sound Effects and select whether you want the audio to play over the internal speaker, through the headphones, or both.

iPhone: Ensure Ringer (located on upper left of device) is on; the audio will not play in silent mode.

Lingolook JAPANLingolook JAPANLingolook JAPANLingolook JAPANLingolook JAPAN


March 28, 2009

Flights$2.99 from UnitConvertr Flights

Flights lets you track the status of flights with elegant and intuitive interface. Currently you can check the status of all flights flying to and from US & Canada. You can get live status of your flights with minute by minute live maps, scheduled and delay timings, Aircraft info, Speed and Altitude of En Route flights etc.

You can search for flights by flight number or by route (between two airports) and track the flights of your interest. Our flight details screen presents you with information like Scheduled departure and Arrival info, delay information if any, Speed and Altitude of En Route flights and great looking maps. All the flight data shown in the application from FlightView, a very reliable data source for flight information.


* Check live Flight Status
* Great Flight Tracker with live maps including live weather radar
* Live maps you can move around and expand the image by pinching
* Horizontal View that mimics the flight tracking systems you see in flights
* Displays Departure & Arrival timings including delays & cancellations
* Search for Flights by Flight Number or Route and filter the results by Airline
* Track and refresh data for multiple flights from a single screen
* Tracks Flights one month in advance
* Older flights are automatically hidden reducing the clutter
* Good database of Airlines & Airports
* Remembers your recently used airlines and Airports for quick searches
* Track all Flights arriving and departing from US & Canada
* Future support for Gate, Terminal & Baggage info etc

The Flight Status screen has great information revealing information about the flight along with the live maps at the background. You can hide the flight information section to reveal the map alone. You can move the map around and zoom in to see the information in additional detail. If you turn the iPhone horizontally, the application mimics the television screen showing you the live map with a rich set of information. Apart from the map, the flight tracker screen also shows Speed and Altitude information about the flight. The maps also include live weather information.

The application is powered by the data gathered from FlightView, a very reliable source for flight tracking. The application currently doesn’t provide Terminal & Gate Information. We plan to include this information in future version. This application will keep getting better with more features and data. If you’d like to see any improvements in the application, please email us at

The application needs internet connectivity to obtain information.

This is a must have travel app for your travel.


Babelingo Travel Phrases

March 27, 2009

Babelingo Travel Phrases$3.99 from Alta Vida LLC Babelingo Travel Phrases

Communicate with confidence using Babelingo’s professionally translated phrases.

Babelingo is more than a simple phrase book. Rather than struggling with delicate pronunciations and phrase books simply *show* your foreign language audience a translated phrase. Choose your desired phrase or word and show professionally translated text to your audience in their own language. Each one rendered in a large and beautiful script easily read from a distance.

Packed with over 300 useful phrases and words in 11 languages. Translate to and from English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Czech, Hindi, Japanese, and Chinese. With 110 different language combinations Babelingo is your ultimate travel translator. Babelingo even lets your friends respond to you in their own language.

+ All phrases in all languages are *professionally* translated.
+ Phonetics in Romaji, Pinyin, Romanized Russian and Romanized Hindi available as subtexts.
+ No network connection required.
+ Easy, compact and fast – no audio.

See the Babelingo website for a demo of the app in action.

If you have a need for a specific language don’t hesitate to email our support so that we can prioritize it into a future release of Babelingo.

Babelingo Travel PhrasesBabelingo Travel PhrasesBabelingo Travel PhrasesBabelingo Travel PhrasesBabelingo Travel Phrases