WeatherNow (with Clock)

April 17, 2009

WeatherNow (with Clock)$2.99 from AlbeBaubles WeatherNow (with Clock)

Now with landscape mode with weather and real-time clock with custom background images!!! Now display a picture of your children or dog or any other special photo you love with weather conditions and time on display as well. Makes a perfect clock for your desk — leave it running all day!

Do you travel a lot? Do you find yourself constantly wondering what the weather conditions are for whatever city you just landed in? Would you like to see the time for your current location or any location within the United States? Let WeatherNow answer that question for you! Since WeatherNow is location aware, simply shake your phone and WeatherNow will immediately provide you with the latest weather conditions for your current coordinates (as provided by GPS, Wifi or Cell).

Interested in the weather conditions for the next stop in your itinerary? Just ask WeatherNow by providing the city, state or zip code — FOR ANY U.S. LOCATION.

WeatherNow automatically saves the location viewed, so next time you open WeatherNow it will start at that location.

WeatherNow provides the following data:

-Graphics change based on the weather conditions
-Wind speed and direction
-Sunrise / Sunset
-Day’s high and low temperatures
-Longitude and Latitude
-real-time Clock with GMT offset date/time for location being shown
-Current temperature
-5 day forecast
-Color coordinated text…blue is temp below 70, red if above.

Note, I’ve received some requests to sell the application in other countries, for people who visit the states often. Note that although the app is for sale worldwide, it will only work for the United States.

Will only report weather information for the United States
Internet Access Required

This application is updated monthly with new features.

Please try my other iPhone Applications: ‘US Military Handbook’, ‘FXBox’, ‘Prezquotes’

WeatherNow (with Clock)WeatherNow (with Clock)

Deluxeware Weather

April 15, 2009

Deluxeware Weather$2.99 from Chillingo Ltd Deluxeware Weather

Make your own weather station now! Current condition for the entire world (and for specific regions) updates every 15 minutes. Forecast information updates every 6 hours.

Before making travel plans for a hotel or flight, it can be useful to check the weather for where you want to go.

Features include:

– Fun images (clouds, sun, rain, snow) and indications of the general status
– High and low day temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
– Wind direction and speed in mph, km/h
– Dew point, Visibility, Humidity
– Current local time for cities
– Detailed view for each day of forecast
– The sun’s ultraviolet intensity level (UV index)
– Date/Time format settings
– Actual feel temperature
– 48-hours forecast
– 7 days forecast
– 14 days forecast
– Easy to use

Deluxeware Weather is developed by Deluxeware and published by Chillingo Ltd

Deluxeware WeatherDeluxeware WeatherDeluxeware WeatherDeluxeware WeatherDeluxeware Weather

App Roundup: 10 iPhone Weather Apps
In my line of work, I do quite a bit both indoors and outdoors. As such, it is crucial for me to know the weather forecast at the drop of a hat. The weather app built into the iPhone is a simple, no fluff, no garbage, weather app.

Nav Clock

April 5, 2009

Nav Clock$1.99 from Split Rail, Inc. Nav Clock

Nav Clock is based upon those cool multi-function weather station clocks that you see on people’s desks in their offices. Proudly display your iPhone™ or iPod® touch in its charging cradle or while on the go. Nav Clock is perfect for travelers, weather enthusiasts, pilots, hikers, and everyone else.

★ Nav Clock is one of only two iPhone Apps we are aware of that internally trends the barometric pressure and displays a pressure steady, rising, or falling indicator!

Awards: 2008 iPhone Apps Excellence Award

● Nav Clock brings together all of the current information you need in one very clean format.
● Location aware – great for travelers! Nav Clock will work immediately without any setup (for iPod touch see note below).
● Displays the current weather station information for your location including the “Feels Like” temperature (the Wind Chill or Heat Index based upon the temperature, wind, and humidity) and a Barometric pressure trending indicator. The current weather conditions include wind gusts, wind variability, and visibilities of as low as “<50” feet in some cases.
● Displays the time and location, offset from Greenwich Mean Time, aviation “Zulu” time (GMT), geographic coordinates, elevation above mean sea level (see note), and the accuracy of the location.
● The background sky condition photographs change to closely approximate the current sky conditions in your vicinity with gorgeous original photography. Over 90 background sky condition photographs are included with more being added with each update.
● The date is in the language set in the iPhone’s Region Format, all other text is in English.
● Refresh button immediately refreshes all data – great for when you may be moving into and out of Wi-Fi coverage.
● Many preference settings allow you to customize the format of the display including the metric system, 24-hour time, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, Degrees-Minutes.M, or WGS 84 coordinate systems, Fahrenheit, Celsius, or both, aviation weather formats, disable auto-lock (prevents the screen from sleeping), and more.

Developer Notes:
The elevation feature requires a GPS and therefore is available only on the iPhone 3G. All other features are available on all other iPhone and iPod touch models.

Nav Clock on iPod touch requires the reception of a major public or commercial Wi-Fi hot spot in order to determine your location – if Google Maps cannot determine your location, Nav Clock will not be able to either. Please see our Support page for additional information.

Nav ClockNav ClockNav ClockNav Clock


March 22, 2009

WeatherAlert$0.99 from Figment, Inc. WeatherAlert

WeatherAlert is a simple weather notification application that will display alerts for your area such as Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Floods, etc.

WeatherAlert has been updated to provided more accurate alert information. We are aggregating information from multiple sources and displaying the most recent and accurate information available.

* If you do NOT see an alert you have selected to check for and you get it in other weather apps, first step is to check the details of the alert and make sure it has not expired.

We are open to other suggestions. Thanks for your support.

We have been receiving a lot of bounce messages. Many users have incorrect email addresses set. Please verify your email address and turn the notifications off then back on to reset the settings. Also, if using the method to get the email as an SMS, DO NOT put the leading ‘1’ for country code. Enter only 10 digits (area code + number). The 1 will cause the SMS to not be sent.


MyWeather Mobile

March 15, 2009

MyWeather Mobile$4.99 from MyWeather, LLC MyWeather Mobile

Limited Time Only $4.99!

MyWeather Mobile – iTunes TOP 100 PAID APPLICATIONS of 2008 Gets Even Better with a newly revised version featuring heads up display map controls and loads of user-requested features!

MyWeather Mobile is a feature rich weather application with animated looping radar and satellite, 36-hour temperature, precipitation and wind speed/direction graphs, 7-day forecasts, and over 10,000 U.S. cities. You can also rotate the phone horizontally to view FULL-SCREEN radar animation and 36 hour trend graphs.

MyWeather MobileMyWeather MobileMyWeather MobileMyWeather MobileMyWeather Mobile

Weather History

March 8, 2009

Weather History$0.99 from Ethan Productions Weather History

A great app for any Weather fan. Open Weather History daily to see what major event happened this day in the past. Touch the screen to bring you to a website that will give you more info about that particular event. Great for meteorologists, newspaper writers, or TV anchors looking for a great “Weather Fact of the Day”, or just for anyone looking to have a fun fact to tell their friends.

Interesting and educational at the same time, open it daily.

Weather History

Weather Picture of the Day

March 8, 2009

Weather Picture of the Day$0.99 from Ethan Productions Weather Picture of the Day

Every day a new picture will appear of an amazing weather event, whether it be an incredible cloud or a hurricane from space. Open this app daily to see something only mother nature can accomplish that will blow you away.

Press the top button and the Home button on your iPhone at the same time to save the picture to your library. You can then use it as a wallpaper.

Touch the screen to take you to our website to see previews of other fun apps we’ve created.

REQUIREMENTS: Any internet connection (such as WiFi, 3G, Edge) to download the daily picture.

Weather Picture of the DayWeather Picture of the DayWeather Picture of the DayWeather Picture of the Day

Pocket Weather AU

March 3, 2009

Pocket Weather AU$0.99 from Shifty Jelly Pocket Weather AU

Weather sourced directly from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) – an Australian Source for Australian Weather, makes sense doesn’t it?

– Forecast & observation data for hundreds of areas around Australia (every single location that the BOM has, we have)
– Sunrise/sunset times
– All of the BOM rain and wind doppler radars
– National rain & cloud radars
– Animated Australian Synoptic chart
– Shake to skin, simply shake your phone to switch between different skins
– Tide times for hundreds of locations around Australia
– Automatically find your local weather using your current location
– Last update is always cached, so you don’t need a network connection to check the weather for the week, once you’ve got it once.
– Updates are tiny (less than 10kb) so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone data cap.
– Supports landscape and portrait view, and in landscape you get all the information on a single page.

Check out the video and screenshots on our site ( as well as here on iTunes to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

All future update will be free to anyone who has ever purchased our app!

In the next version we plan to bring BOM computer forecast information to your phone, meaning 6 day forecasts for almost every location! You can also expect at least one new skin, and much, much more.

This app is delivered fresh to your door, from three blokes in Adelaide. We do this in our spare time, and are committed to deliver the best features and support to all of you. We love hearing from you, and often implement ideas that we receive from you guys.

While we have explicit permission from the BOM to use and repackage all of their data, this app is not published, or maintained by the BOM, so please send your queries, suggestions and problems to us, and not them.

Pocket Weather AUPocket Weather AUPocket Weather AUPocket Weather AUPocket Weather AU

Fizz Weather

February 4, 2009

Fizz Weather$5.99 from Fizz Software Ltd. Fizz Weather

New Release

New to version 1.3
For in-application help, see the settings screen, ‘More Information’ option.

– Landscape forecast charts
Simply rotate your device to landscape mode and the location charts can be seen. Temperature, Precipitation, Rainfall, Humidity & Wind are available.

– Now Screen Changes
The now screen now contains both the current conditions information for the reporting weather station, but also can show the 5 day forecast.

– Sunset & Sunrise
This was always displayed on the 5 day screen and is now also shown on the ‘Now’ screen.

– Wind speed Changes
Wind speed can now be displayed in meters per second, knots or the Beaufort scale. 
This can be changed in the options screen and the various landscape charts will use this setting.

– Temperature Quick Change C / F
You can now tap the temperature on the 5 day, 2 day and current conditions screen to quick switch between C & F settings saving you a visit to the options screen.

Fizz Weather provides detailed weather information for over 58,000 cities worldwide. Find your favorite cities in seconds, or use the iPhones built in GPS to find the nearest weather reporting station to your location.

See detailed 5 day, 2 day and current condition reports. Global forecast maps are provided with animated radar loops and animated satellite maps (radar is US only at the moment). The airports screen shows any potential delays that the weather could cause at your chosen airport.

US weather warnings will show you detailed information about alerts and warnings.

Information provided includes high and low temperatures (C or F), wind speed and direction (mph or kmph), precipitation probability, comfort level, humidity, visibility, UV levels and the barometer reading. Fizz Weather is your ultimate weather application.

See our other products, all available from the App Store now:-
Fizz Brain Train
Fizz Snow
Cocktails Made Easy
Soccer Manager

Join us on twitter – Keep up with all the latest updates.

Fizz WeatherFizz WeatherFizz WeatherFizz WeatherFizz Weather


January 28, 2009

Hurricane$3.99 from Kitty Code Hurricane

Hurricane, the most popular and best selling Hurricane Tracking Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

2008 iPhone Apps Excellence Award Winner

Are nature’s most fearsome storms going to affect you and your area? Hurricane gives you the ability to track these storms on the go using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Satellite images and tracking maps help you see where these monster storms are heading. Text bulletins give you the detailed information you need.


– Atlantic Basin* Interactive Tracking Map with storm data, generated on your device as it becomes available, throughout the hurricane season.

– Tracking map that is not just an image, but an interactive tracking map which allows you move between tracks, viewing each plot’s detailed information including wind speed with the icon, and lat/lon, speed/direction, pressure, date and time in the tab bar.

– Track hurricanes both past (back to 1851 in the Atlantic Basin*)

– View Past Seasons and Current Season past map plots without a connection to the internet (connection required to receive new plots and view new satellite pages)

– Satellite view which includes the Atlantic Basin* and the Northeast Pacific Basin*:
– – Satellite Images
– – Forecast Image Maps
– – Tropical Outlooks, Summaries & Discussions
– – Saffir-Simpson Scale

– Satellite view adds storm specific data by storm name when available.
– – Storm Bulletin
– – Storm Forecast/Advisory
– – Storm Discussion
– – Storm Probabilities, and more!

– Satellite views updated throughout the hurricane season, and changed to current imagery as they become available.

*Atlantic Basin includes the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Of Mexico, Caribbean and surrounding areas.
*Northeast Pacific Basin includes the west coast of North America – US west coast, Mexico, Central America

This application is great for
– anyone with interests on the east or west coast of the US
– anyone interested in severe weather or meteorology
– studying tropical system history

Hurricane, the premier tracking application.

If you would like to contact us with your comments, questions or concerns to help make Hurricane better, please write to

We are also available on Twitter @ kittycode and will update there with information as it becomes available.

Want to see more screen shots? Go to

Important Notes:

We strive to make Hurricane the best possible hurricane tracking application for your device, however we do not presently have every feature we would like to implement in the application. We started with the Atlantic Basin, and plan to expand to the Northeast Pacific (North American West Coast), then to the Central Pacific and finally to the West Pacific, South Pacific and Indian Ocean. If you have questions about the area we cover, please contact us before purchasing. We cannot guarantee that our product is the right one for you, as no single application is perfect for everyone. Our goal however, is to create the best, most informative hurricane tracking application for you.


First Look: Hurricane iPhone is heading your way
Filed under: Software, iPhone, App Store, iPod touch. Many intense hurricanes in the last five years have caused tremendous damage to the the Gulf Coast and eastern US, so interest in keeping a constant eye on tropical storms has