PCP Remote

April 20, 2009

PCP Remote$9.99 from Harlekins PCP Remote

The essential tool for everyone using Apple Podcast Producer for recording of podcasts.

Podcast Producer Remote (PCP Remote) can control several features of an Apple Podcast Producer Server [http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/features/podcasts.html] giving you flexibility and mobility. PCP Remote can browse your available cameras bound to a Podcast Producer Server and can control these. It is possible to start, stop, pause, cancel and also submit a recording to a workflow on the Podcast Producer Server. Additionally, the detail information about workflows accessible on the server can be queried.
On the iPhone it is also possible to make local audio recordings, listen again to these recordings and to submit these local audio recordings to (currently special) workflows on the Podcast Producer Server. An example Podcast Producer workflow for such local audio recordings can be found on the product webpage.

Podcast Producer at your fingertips .. 🙂

PCP RemotePCP RemotePCP RemotePCP RemotePCP Remote


Day Bank – Budget Edition SALE

April 20, 2009

Day Bank - Budget Edition SALE$0.99 from Quantum Quinn Day Bank - Budget Edition SALE

Countdown to 2.0 SALE!

With Day Bank, your checkbook is now obsolete.

√ New Budget Alert system! Never go over budget again without knowing!

Two apps for half the price of one. Full-featured account management and budgeting.

The pocket app built for speed and simplicity. Unlimited accounts, categories, budgets and transactions. All of the basic features to get started. Plus several advanced features to keep you on top of your finances like never before.

FREE DESKTOP APP: Day Bank Station, now you can wirelessly backup, restore, and export Day Bank data. Desktop editing coming very soon!

What others say about Day Bank:

iPhone’s Best Business Tools
— MainStreet.com

10 iPhone Finance Apps That Count
— Mint.com

I’m pretty impressed. Easy to use, understand and operate. I’m more than pleased!

Key Features:

– Unlimited multi-account budgets
– Budget surplus rollover
– Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly budgets
– Color-coded budget indicators
– Track amount spent and amount available
– Budget alerts (one time & repeat)
– Total budget spent and available

Money Tracking
– Scheduled transactions (Repeat Entry)
– Total/Pending balances for all accounts
– Unlimited accounts, transactions and categories
– Reconcile transactions
– Filter by category
– Sort transactions descending or ascending
– Records check numbers
– Filter by day, week, and month

User Friendly
– Smart Memorized Payees
– Highly Customizable User Experience
– Quick transaction entry
– Upcoming transaction reminders
– Rename categories
– Pre-defined transactions (Quick Entry)
– Multi-filter transaction viewer
– Restores the last used account on startup
– Add categories “on-the-fly”
– Restores last used filter on startup
– Transaction grouping
– Large number keypad, with calculator functions
– New Transaction on startup

Desktop App
– FREE for Mac OS X 10.4+ and Windows
– Wi-Fi Backup & Restore
– Exports to CSV, QIF, OFX & QFX
– Map transaction locations
– Bonjour support for easy setup
– Desktop editing coming soon!

iPhone Integration
– Transaction Geo-Tagging
– Photo receipts, leverages the built-in camera
– Full international currency and date support
– Add unlimited images to transactions
– Passcode protection, using AES encryption
– Save images to your Camera Roll

Advanced Management Features
– Sub-filter for un/cleared transactions
– Graph category spending per month and week
– Schedule one-time (or any count) transactions
– Transfer between accounts
– Statistics for scheduled transactions
– Itemized spending per week
– View expenses graphically (No internet connection required)

√ Budget Alerts – First and only Finance app with a built-in budget warning system! Now Day Bank warns you when you are going over your budget. Set a budget threshold and never go over budget again!

√ Top-notch performance – Unlike other apps, Day Bank can easily handle 1000s of transactions

1.8 Documentation is available online.

!Note! The budget totals scroll issue will be addressed in the next update.

Day Bank - Budget Edition SALEDay Bank - Budget Edition SALEDay Bank - Budget Edition SALEDay Bank - Budget Edition SALEDay Bank - Budget Edition SALE

ViewTi G

April 19, 2009

ViewTi G$29.99 from ViewTi LLC ViewTi G

=======Now only $29.99=======
$10 discount from $39.99

Over 13,000 Fully Mapped courses. The most rangefinder supported courses of any golf app. Available in more than 25 countries. Hundreds of courses added weekly.

ViewTi Golf also available for $49.99
adds FairwayView and 4 player scorecard

**Rangefinder only works with second generation iPhone

A New Generation Rangefinder!

The only Golf app that has everything you need right out of the box. We offer the best rangefinder option available. No other app has even a fraction of our number of courses that support both distances and scorecard, let alone our other features.

ViewTi G is the application that puts your own virtual golf caddy in your pocket. We understand that you play golf to relax and have fun and we want to eliminate all the uneccessary clutter. ViewTi puts a range finder, pencil and scorecard onto your phone.

A must have for all avid golfers.

The revolutionary GreensView not only gives you distances to any point by the greens. It lets you visually see the greens and bunkers to plan your shot. Quickly find out how many yards to carry over a long bunker or the distances to the front and back of the greens. A fun way to pick your target or measure to the pin, it’s all in your hands.

Preferred Choice & Best rated Golf App by


-GreensView image allow you to measure the
distance to any target you choose*
Overlays your path of approach
Fast loading GreenView
2 zoom options most courses show
50 and 100 yards from the green
GreenView cache improves speed
-Distance to the middle of the green for a
quick a reference or use GreenView
for any distance near the green**
-Smart course search with GPS
Search by course name
Smart enough to recognize full,
partial, international addresses
-Shows 50 closest courses within 150 miles
immediately after starting ViewTiG
-GPS for distance works even where you
don’t have cell service.


-Scorecard with par information
Save scorecards to your iPhone or
email them to yourself or friends
-Driving map and directions
with GPS and traffic information
-Save courses to your iPhone
-Call course to book tee time in the app
-Power save and display readability modes
-Support yards and meters
-Simple and clean user interface
-Course details

All courses include free scorecard

Our aim is to delivery a product that compliments every round of golf. Enjoy.

*GreenView only supported on courses clearly visible on google maps. Actual images used can be viewed at ViewTi.com

golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf

ViewTi GViewTi GViewTi GViewTi GViewTi G

Apps On Sale In The App Store on 02/01/2009
This is your daily serving of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale. Today, iPhone Download Blog is bringing you the latest apps that are currently on sale in the App Store. Some of them are even free! If you were hesitating about

ViewTi G
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April 19, 2009

F1Info$0.99 from Ram Nelakantan F1Info

Are you addicted to Formula 1? If you are, then you have come to the right place. F1info brings the latest news about F1 as it is happening right to your iPhone/iPod Touch now. You don’t need to wait for the morning news to read about your favorite team or driver. Just pick up your iPhone/iPod Touch and it instantly delivers all the latest news and results in the F1 world. Now you can really brag to your friends that you are the greatest F1 fan ever!

Features include:
– Works with EDGE/3G/Wifi
– Choose how many items you would like to display on your application
– Choose your information from top 3 websites such as planet-f1.com, grandprix.com or formula1.com
– Want to share the information that you read, yes you can by emailing the link to any of your friends
– Information is displayed in HTML format, giving you a rich viewing experience

New Features include:
– User Interface Improvements
– Shows Driver and Constructor Standings
– Also includes Formula 1 race calendar
– Read Full story inside the application
– More websites for you to choose from
– Latest race results


Morgulator – Mortgage Loan Calculator and More!

April 19, 2009

Morgulator - Mortgage Loan Calculator and More!$0.99 from David Holzer Morgulator - Mortgage Loan Calculator and More!

Morgulator is a mortgage loan payment calculator.

• Calculate monthly payments
• Add monthly extras such as extra principal, taxes, insurance, HOA and PMI
• Amortization schedule
• Slider for fast data entry (for non-exact amounts)
• Keyboard entry for exact data entry
• Remembers last data entered and calculated for next time

Morgulator is a useful, user friendly application for quickly computing mortgage payments and amortization schedules. It is a handy tool for quickly changing loan variables to see the impact on monthly payment and loan amortization.

Morgulator - Mortgage Loan Calculator and More!Morgulator - Mortgage Loan Calculator and More!Morgulator - Mortgage Loan Calculator and More!Morgulator - Mortgage Loan Calculator and More!

Name Picker

April 19, 2009

Name Picker$0.99 from Triple Creeks Studio Name Picker

Name Picker is a handy tool specially designed for new parents, as well as writers looking for inspiration when naming their characters. You can find the perfect name for your new baby; build a list of your favorite names or simply learn the meaning and origin of a name. All this is accomplished through an easy to navigate interface, backed by a database of more than 1,700 commonly used names in Western languages.

On the Names screen, you can click on the alphabet on the right hand side to display all names starting with a particular letter. A Name window will appear when any name is selected. The window contains detailed info about the name, such as origin, gender and meaning. You can select the name for your favorites list with the click of a button.

The Favorites screen is a list of all the names you’ve selected from the Names screen. It helps you track your selections and pick the name for your baby. The names on your list are ranked according to the order of your selection. You can remove names from the list or re-arrange the ranks by clicking the Edit button. You can also send your list via email by clicking the Email List button.

Name PickerName PickerName PickerName Picker


April 19, 2009

STAT ICD-9 LITE$0.00 from Austin Physician Productivity, LLC STAT ICD-9 LITE


What is the code for hypertensive heart disease with CHF? To find out touch your iPhone four times:

STEP 1 – Launch “STAT ICD-9”
STEP 3 – Select “Hypertensive disease (401-405)”
STEP 4 – Select “Hypertensive heart disease (402)”

Precise medical diagnosis coding is now at your fingertips – STAT!.

All 13,677 ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes are now available in your pocket for quick retrieval by disease classification in a drilldown format with no typing. Code to the highest level of specificity every time. There is no need to overuse nonspecific “NOS” codes that often do not meet medical necessity criteria. You’ll never be at a loss to find the most specific diagnosis code available. It works fastest because it gives you only the information that you need – the diagnosis name and the ICD-9 code.

Why settle for merely *some* of the available diagnosis codes?

Try it for yourself and see. Use this fully-functional version with the complete 2008 ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes for as long as you wish in your practice. Then consider purchasing STAT ICD-9 2009 for the current codes published by CMS each October. STAT ICD-9 2009 also allows you to save your favorite codes for rapid access.

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