Draw Straws and Matches

March 24, 2009

Draw Straws and Matches$0.99 from Hot Chili Apps Draw Straws and Matches

Who’s getting the next beer? Who’s going to tell the boss? Who’s going to take the rubbish out? There are few questions more important than these. So why not let the good old straw decide? Or maybe a match instead? That’s okay as well. It’s impartial, honest and kind of masculine. t’s all about the little things in life.And if you draw the short straw – or match – then you can’t do anything about it. You have to get running, go and do it, or put your neck on the line. The odds are in your favour. Use them!

This is the most useful game since indecision was invented! It is for 1-6 players, either with straws or matches. “Draw Straws and Matches” is designed purely for entertainment.

Draw Straws and MatchesDraw Straws and MatchesDraw Straws and MatchesDraw Straws and Matches

Quotes and Facts

March 23, 2009

Quotes and Facts$0.99 from Redwheel Apps Quotes and Facts

Quotes and Facts provides you with hours of entertainment. With hundreds of facts on a variety of topics, the best movie quotes and a slew of famous quotes, you will be able to impress your friend with the knowledge of Quotes and Facts.

Quotes and FactsQuotes and Facts

TV Forecast

March 22, 2009

TV Forecast$2.99 from Big Bucket Software TV Forecast

If you’ve ever missed an episode of your favorite TV show, tuned in to find that it wasn’t airing or are just looking for a personalized TV guide, then look no further than TV Forecast.

TV Forecast helps you to keep an eye on all of your favorite TV shows by keeping them together in one place: on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

• Previous and upcoming episode information.
• Optionally corrects the air time of any show to your time zone.
• Count the seconds to your favorite show: rotate to landscape to reveal an episode countdown.
• Email an episode reminder to yourself or to a friend.
• Section headings to easily identify when a TV show will next air.

TV ForecastTV ForecastTV ForecastTV ForecastTV Forecast

Why, TV.com, Why?
Ok. This is starting to get a bit monotonous. A couple of days ago, TV.com rolled out a redesign and so today, I sat down to make the appropriate adjustments to the dashboard widget and put out a new version. Only this time the redesign

TV Forecast : soyez à l’heure de vos séries préférées
Voici une application qui sait allier deux plaisirs : l’iPhone et les séries. En tant que bon geek, je suis certain que vous regardez (beaucoup) de séries et la plupart sont américaines. Pour être averti en temps réel de leur diffusion

TV Forecast 1.1 now available in the App Store
Apple approved the 1.1 update of TV Forecast this morning. It’s been quite a while in the works and I hope you’ll find the wait worthwhile. The most noticeable new feature is the Previous/Upcoming toolbar at the bottom of the forecast

My Top 10 iPhone Applications
As you might know, I have an iPhone, and I love it very much. It’s only a 1st gen one, but it’s still fast enough for everyday use and serves me well. Since the iPhone App Store has been up and running since Apple launched it earlier


March 18, 2009

WhoopieCushion$0.00 from GrunewaldDev WhoopieCushion

Whoopie Cushion takes the classic toy and allows it to go with you wherever you are. Now you can make sure that you and your friends are entertained. A simple tap on the image, deflates and makes a farting noise at random.

Everytime you press the Whoopee Cushion you can watch it deflate and wait for one of the random fart noises to entertain you and everyone around you.

Enjoy this simple, free fart machine applications. There is no reason you should need to pay to have fun making fart noises with your friends, so use this and enjoy yourself.

Now Featuring a brand new Land Mine Mode: Press “Land Mine” and your phone awaits movement to set of the next fart. Screen turns black while waiting, even sitting next to the phone could make this feature work.

If you are having sound troubles, WhoopieCushion currently will not work when the phone is on vibrate. If that does not work contact for more support.



March 17, 2009

iTreblid$0.00 from AL Software iTreblid

iTreblid is a simple application that fetches the latest comic strip from the Dilbert Daily Strip site at feed://feedproxy.google.com/DilbertDailyStrip/, scales it to fit, and displays it in landscape mode, with support for zooming the comic. Enjoy!



March 15, 2009

iShaver$0.99 from Armin Heinrich iShaver

Someone asked me ‘What can you do with your iPhone’ ?
My answer was ‘everything !’.
He said ‘Can you use it as a shaver’.
I laughed and said ‘Yes, it can do ALL things’.

Now can you do the same – here it is the iShaver!

You can pretend to use your iPhone as a shaver.

Two different Shavers are included.

For iPhone users:
Activate the ringer tone with the switch on the left side of your iPhone in order to hear the sound.

For iPod touch (2nd Generation) users:
In order use SoundCheck activate your system sounds via ‘General-Sound Effects’ set it to ‘both’ and turn up the volume ‘Settings – Music – Volume Limit’.

Check our webpage to read the FAQ or send us an Email in case of any problems.


GooeyFaces Photo Morpher

March 13, 2009

GooeyFaces Photo Morpher$1.99 from GooeyApps GooeyFaces Photo Morpher

Open her mouth wider, that’s it, keep going even wider…
Gently run your finger over the eyes, and drag them shut…
Now grab the ears by the top, and pull them, further,
Stretch them all the way over her head…
Wow… what’s this all about?
Can you really do this?


Well not in real life of course

but now

GooeyFaces lets you

Stretch, pull, squeeze any face you want.

Got a buddy primed for some good fun payback?
Stick it to em, but don’t just stick it
Gooey them good.

Like a color blind Picasso using your big finger as a brush
You will stretch, squeeze, enlarge and shrink their face
to finish the job right.

Sound fun already?

You haven’t seen anything yet.
Or more specifically you haven’t heard anything yet….

Right before you send your Gooey creation viral with a simple tap
of the screen instantly emailing it to all your friends there is
just one more thing to gooey with for maximum effect.
Because this is no silent movie.

So here’s what you do next…

Like a twisted Mozart composing the next great symphony
you my Gooey Maestro will create yours

Not with violins, nor flutes, nor even with clarinets.

Oh no, this isn’t the Gooey Philharmonic.

You are working with the purest instrument of all, a human voice.
Well, it starts out human and pure.

And then…

Because of you and your Gooeyness
Everyone will hear how:

– Sally now sounds like Big Bubba
– Jimbo sounds so cute, just like a little chipmunk.
– Jessica’s oh so ever lovely laugh is repeated over and over and over
– And don’t forget that slightly embarrassing sound clip from last night.
– It’s all there and your possibilities are virtually endless.

GooeyFaces is how you can always get the last laugh.
There is nothing quite like Gooeying a friend or family member up.

So go ahead, it’s your turn now. Get Gooeying.

Please Gooey responsibly. Gooey at your own risk as
excessive Gooeying has been known to cause sudden outbursts
of laughter, blushing, and sometimes although rarely
tears of pure joy.

★ one touch e-mail function – instantly e-mail friends and family with GooeyFaces
★ voice recorder – easily and effortlessly record your voice or those of your friends and family
★ create funny voices – easily modify recorded voices by adjusting the speed and pitch
★ 1 finger image morph – slide your finger across the photo and watch the image automagically alter
★ 2 finger resize – use 2 fingers to expand and shrink the image
★ pinpoint accuracy – when using the resize function view realtime preview of effect
★ playback function – watch a playback of the session while you listen to the audio looping
★ use photo taken on the spot or select from your photo album or
★ save photo at any stage in the session – easy one touch save to save at any point in project
★ zoom in and out to edit with precession as you zoom up to 300%
★ undo and redo steps with a click of the button – go back as far as the last session!

Learn several image and audio altering techniques guaranteed to impress your friends and result in hilarious images and audio!

Image altering techniques: the Picasso touch, the Doogie Howser, the Beetlejuice, the Hillbilly, and the Fish Face
Audio altering techniques: the Chimpmunks, the tranquilzer, high voice and bass voice.

We’ve updated GooeyFaces! Get it now for the special introductory price of $1.99

GooeyFaces Photo MorpherGooeyFaces Photo MorpherGooeyFaces Photo MorpherGooeyFaces Photo MorpherGooeyFaces Photo Morpher