LDS Scriptures

LDS Scriptures$14.99 from Standard Works LLC LDS Scriptures

LDS Scriptures is simply the best scripture application available. It has the most content, features, updates and support of any scripture application.

Features include fast navigation, auto-scrolling text, colored word highlighting, hierarchical bookmarks, inline notes, custom footnotes and cross-references, exact location histories, scripture mastery, and much more.

Content includes the entire LDS Standard Works, all manuals for the 2009 core-curriculum, and manuals for optional courses, leaders, and the family. Song books (hymns and children’s), study resources, and other guides are also included. And for your convenience, every scriptural reference throughout this content is already linked. For a more complete list of content and features, see the lists below.

Video demos and tutorials are available at:

• Very fast verse locator (3-5 seconds)
• Auto-scrolling text
• Advanced highlighting (24 total colors, underline, bold, italic; individual words)
• Advanced bookmarks (organize into subfolders, update, rename, copy, paste)
• Bookmarks for all scripture mastery verses already included
• Advanced notes (see notes in-line while reading, icon)
• Advanced history (restores you to the exact location in a chapter)
• Advanced verse slider (takes you to exact verse quickly)
• Instant Search that takes you to the exact verse
• Advanced footnotes and cross-references (create your own even!)
• Drill-down through as many layers of verses and cross-references as you want
• Remembers exact location you were reading at (w/ animated satin bookmark)
• Font sizing via pinching
• Backup/restore personal data
• Landscape reading mode
• Customize colors, font, margins and alignment


Entire Standard Works (book intros, chapter headings, footnotes, cross-references, etc.):
• Old Testament
• New Testament
• Book of Mormon
• Doctrine & Covenants
• Pearl of Great Price
• Joseph Smith Translation

Study Helps:
• Bible Dictionary
• Topical Guide
• Guide to the Scriptures
• Index to the Triple Combination

• Hymns (sort by name or number, includes optional verses; text only)
• Children’s Songbook (sort by name or page, includes actions; text only)

Manuals & Guides:
• Preach My Gospel
• Nursery
• Primary 1, 3, & 5
• Young Women (w/ resource guide)
• Aaronic Priesthood (w/ resource guide)
• Presidents of the Church
• D&C Teacher’s Manual (with page numbers!)
• D&C Study Guide
• Preparing for Exaltation
• Our Heritage (with page numbers!)
• Teachings: Joseph Smith
• Preparing for Exaltation
• Gospel Principles
• Gospel Fundamentals
• Marriage and Family Relations (w/ study guide)
• Temple Preparation (w/ guide)

• 179th Annual General Conference, April 2009
• LDS Gems, Inspiration Quotes (over 150 topics)
• Faith in God (Girls & Boys)
• For the Strength of Youth
• True to the Faith
• Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth
• Priesthood and Auxilliary Leaders’ Guidebook
• Family Guidebook
• Addiction Recovery Program
• Strengthening Marriage
• Strengthening the Family

• Family Proclamation
• The Living Christ
• Lectures on Faith

For copyright information, please see:

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LDS ScripturesLDS ScripturesLDS ScripturesLDS ScripturesLDS Scriptures

LDS Scriptures Version 2.1 Approved by Apple
Buy the LDS Scriptures iPhone/iPod Touch Application. To see a complete list of all features, click on the “LDS Scriptures” link at the top of this page. Here are the release notes for this version: Announcement: read more.

Le offerte del giorno su AppStore (29/12)
Anche oggi vi proponiamo ottime offerte, nel periodo natalizio prolificano quindi, eccole: Sketches – da 4.99$ a 1.99$ uno dei primi applicativi per iPhone disponibili su AppStore finalmente ad un prezzo convenientissimo.

iPhone and iTouch LDS (Mormon) Scripture Applications Review and
I have used three different versions of the scriptures for the iPhone/iTouch and I like them all for different reasons! I thought I would give a little rundown of the difference in hopes that it might help some others that are looking

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