Food Additives

April 20, 2009

Food Additives$3.99 from WebArtisan Food Additives

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Take control of what you eat today.

Food additives may have revolutionized the mass production of the food that we consume, but at what cost to your health?

This application lets you quickly & easily access the general information of 450+ food additives (self contained database, so no internet connection needed!).

Avoid those additives that are potentially dangerous or unsafe to your health & see which ones are considered safe. This application is perfect for those at risk, the health conscious, parents, vegetarians, vegans and/or people on religious based diets.

Not all food additives are bad for your health, but a large percentage have been associated with a whole range of potential health risks & side effects, that include:

■ Allergies & skin reactions,
■ Asthma & breathing difficulties,
■ Baby & infant related risks,
■ Digestive upsets,
■ Eye damage & effects,
■ Genetic DNA mutations,
■ Gluten intolerance (Celiac disease),
■ Histamine inhibitors / freeing,
■ Hyperactivity in children,
■ Migraines & headaches,
■ Tumors / carcinogens,
■ Salicylate sensitivity (aspirin etc),
■ Vitamin deficiency and/or effects.

■ Name,
■ Number (International Numbering System),
■ Risk type (i.e. dangerous, unsafe, unknown or safe),
■ Symptom type (i.e. asthma, gluten, tumors, allergies, digestive etc),
■ Diet type (i.e. substance derived from animal, plant, insect, bacteria or fermentation, synthetic, mineral etc).

■ Additive number (e.g. E150b), additive name & other name they may go by,
■ Substance origin (plant, synthetic, animal, mineral, fish, insect, bacteria, gas etc),
■ General use & function of the additive,
■ Food industry classes & (coloring agent, preservative, emulsifier etc.),
■ Food products associated with the additive,
■ Known & potential side effects relating to the additive,
■ Maximum or adequate daily intake (ADI) of the additive,
■ Dietary restrictions (helpful for vegetarian, vegan & religion based diets),
■ Countries unapproved for use as a food additive (currently Europe & Australian data).

■ Color coded by risk (red=danger, orange=unsafe, unknown=blue, safe=green),
■ Icons for all symptom types (i.e. asthma, gluten, tumors, allergies, digestive etc),
■ Icons for all substance origin types (i.e. synthetic, mineral, fish animal based etc),
■ Flag icons for countries unapproved (Europe & Australia),
■ Each additive has a Wikipedia internet link, for further information (please note: some links may be inactive),
■ Fast, inbuilt database, so no internet required,
■ Fancy layout, scrolling and 3D flip card between additive overview & details page,
■ AD REMOVED in V1.5.5.

* PARTIAL multilingual language^ support inbuilt (labels, heading names etc. only. You can switch between English (native), French, German, Spanish, Italian (native), Dutch (native) & Japanese. Note: Languages that aren’t native are software translated from native English.

NOTE: Data is consolidated from a number of public / open sources, including; CAC (Codex), FDA, Government food Standards agencies etc and is for general private use only.

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Food AdditivesFood AdditivesFood AdditivesFood AdditivesFood Additives


April 19, 2009

STAT ICD-9 LITE$0.00 from Austin Physician Productivity, LLC STAT ICD-9 LITE


What is the code for hypertensive heart disease with CHF? To find out touch your iPhone four times:

STEP 1 – Launch “STAT ICD-9”
STEP 3 – Select “Hypertensive disease (401-405)”
STEP 4 – Select “Hypertensive heart disease (402)”

Precise medical diagnosis coding is now at your fingertips – STAT!.

All 13,677 ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes are now available in your pocket for quick retrieval by disease classification in a drilldown format with no typing. Code to the highest level of specificity every time. There is no need to overuse nonspecific “NOS” codes that often do not meet medical necessity criteria. You’ll never be at a loss to find the most specific diagnosis code available. It works fastest because it gives you only the information that you need – the diagnosis name and the ICD-9 code.

Why settle for merely *some* of the available diagnosis codes?

Try it for yourself and see. Use this fully-functional version with the complete 2008 ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes for as long as you wish in your practice. Then consider purchasing STAT ICD-9 2009 for the current codes published by CMS each October. STAT ICD-9 2009 also allows you to save your favorite codes for rapid access.

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Medical Calculator

April 16, 2009

Medical Calculator$0.99 from Medical Calculator

Helps doctors and nurses compute useful formulas and equations.

With more than 200,000 installs worldwide, this is the most popular Medical Calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Try our other popular medical apps:

This clinical calculator gives you quick access to calculations that are too hard to memorize or perform in your head. MedCalc supports US and SI units.

More equations are coming soon in free updates!

If there’s a particular equation you’d like to see, let me know by visiting my website. I’m keeping a list and will work on adding the most popular requests first:

Current formulas:
* A-a Oxygen Gradient
* ABCD2 Score for TIA
* Absolute Neutrophile Count (ANC)
* Age Calculator
* Alcoholic Hepatitis Discriminant Function
* Anion Gap
* APGAR Score
* Basal Energy Expenditure
* Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Body Surface Area (BSA)
* Bicarb Deficit
* CHADS2 Score for stroke risk
* Child-Pugh Score
* Corrected Calcium for Hypoalbuminemia
* Corrected Phenytoin
* Corrected QT for HR (QTc)
* Corrected Sodium
* Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault)
* Creatinine Clearance (Measured)
* CSF WBC Correction for RBCs
* Delta Gap
* Fick Cardiac Output
* Fractional Excretion of Sodium (FENa)
* Fractional Excretion of Urea (FEUrea)
* Framingham Cardiac Risk
* Free Water Deficit
* GFR and Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault)
* Glasgow Coma Scale
* Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
* IV Dose Calculator
* IV Infusion Rate
* Lean Body Weight
* LDL Cholesterol
* Maintenance Fluids
* Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
* MELD Score (Model for End-Stage Liver Disease)
* Opioid (Narcotic) Converter
* Oxygenation Index
* Parkland Burns
+ Fluid requirements for first 8 hours
+ Fluid requirements for first 24 hours
* Peak Expiratory Flow
* PERC Rule
* PORT (PSI) Score
* Pregnancy Wheel
+ Enter last menstrual period (LMP) or due date (EDC)
+ Conception date
+ 1st trimester date
+ 2nd trimester date
+ Estimated Date of Confinement (EDC, due date)
+ Weeks pregnant today
* Ranson’s Criteria for pancreatitis mortality
* Renal Failure Index
* Serum Osmolality
* Steroid Converter
* TIMI Score for STEMI
* TIMI Score for UA/NSTEMI
* Weight Conversions
* Well’s Criteria for Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
* Winter’s Formula for Metabolic Acidosis Compensation

Medical CalculatorMedical CalculatorMedical CalculatorMedical CalculatorMedical Calculator

Mediquations Medical Calculator

April 2, 2009

Mediquations Medical Calculator$4.99 from Mediquations Mediquations Medical Calculator

Designed by a third year medical student, Mediquations is the original, most comprehensive medical calculator on the App Store. Mediquations makes getting the answers you need quick and painless. With 211 formulas and scoring tools and an intuitive interface, Mediquations is the smart choice for anyone looking for an iPhone or iPod Touch medical calculator.

Why Mediquations? Mediquations was designed and built by a medical student with emphasis on a clean, attractive interface to help you get the answers you need fast. Rest assured that the brains behind Mediquations also uses it on a daily basis in the hospital.

If you previously used Medcalc, Medmath, or Archimedes on your previous PDA, you will fall in love with Mediquations! Mediquations is being constantly updated with new features, equations, and enhancements. If you have any suggestions to make Mediquations better, please send us an email at support [at]

I hope you enjoy Mediquations as much as the 10,000 others who have bought this program!

∙ 211 formulas and scores. The most comprehensive medical calculator on the App Store!
∙ Support for US and SI units. (Set your preference in the iPhone Settings menu).
∙ Full freedom and control for units: switch easily between SI and US units for EACH variable.
∙ Multiple results (such as mortality percentages) are displayed for relevant scoring tools.
∙ View the full equation for each formula.
∙ For most equations, view quick reference info and citations.
∙ Search for the equation you want fast.
∙ Keep a list of your favorite equations.
∙ View equations by category.
∙ Email the results for each equation to colleagues.
∙ Relevant pictures for certain equations. Example: MMSE score has an intersecting pentagons picture.
∙ Clean, simple design with a large number pad for easy and FAST entry. A large number pad means less mistakes.

Equations (visit for the full list):
· A-a O2 Gradient
· ABCD & ABCD2 Score for TIA
· Absolute Neutrophil Count
· Acid-Base Compensation (ABG)
· Anion Gap, Delta Gap
· Arterial Oxygen Content
· Arterial Oxygen Delivery
· Bayesian Sensitivity/Specificity
· Bishop score
· Body Mass Index (BMI)
· Body Surface Area (Dubois, Mosteller, Current Formula for Unknown Height)
· Carboplatin Dosing
· Cardiac Output (Echo & Fick)
· Corrected QT (QTc)
· Corrected Serum Calcium, Phenytoin, Sodium
· Creatinine Clearance (measured) (CrCl)
· CURB-65 Score for Community Acquired Pneumonia
· DAS, DAS-CRP, DAS28, DAS-CRP: 3 & 4 Variables
· Dermatome Map
· Dose & Liquid Dose Calculator (Corrected for BSA, Calvert, or Weight)
· Duke Treadmill Score
· Electrolytes/Labs Units Conversion
· Fractional Excretion of Calcium, Sodium, Urea
· Framingham Cardiac Risk Score
· Geriatric Depression Score (15-pt)
· GFR (Cockcroft Gault, MDRD, Salazar-Corcora, Schwartz, Wright)
· Glasgow Coma Scale
· Henderson-Hasselbach
· Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
· IV Drip & Infusion Rates
· Light’s Criteria
· LDL Cholesterol Estimation (Friedewald)
· Maintenance Fluids
· Mean Arterial Pressure
· NIH Stroke Scale
· Normal Lab Values
· Opiate Equivalence
· Osmolality (Serum)
· Osmotic Gap (Stool)
· Parkland Formula
· Pediatric Dosing Calculator
· Pulmonary Embolism Rule-out Criteria (PERC)
· Pneumonia Severity Index (PORT Score)
· Ranson Criteria
· Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient (SAAG)
· Steroid Equivalence
· Strong Ion Gap (SIG)
· Time Interval Calculator
· Tubular Resorption of Phosphate (TRP)
· Transtubular K Gradient
· Tylenol Toxicity Nomogram with White Prediction
· Urinary Anion Gap
· Urinary Calcium Excretion (Ca / Cr)
· Urine Output
· Well’s Criteria for DVT & PE
And Over 150 More! Visit for the full list.

Mediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical Calculator

STAT ICD-9 2009

March 28, 2009

STAT ICD-9 2009$29.99 from Austin Physician Productivity, LLC STAT ICD-9 2009

NEW! – Save your favorite diagnosis codes for rapid access. It’s easy.

Why risk having claims denied due to improper diagnosis coding? Hundreds of new ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes went into effect on OCT 1, 2008 including new codes for MRSA, dozens of new headache codes, and a section for secondary diabetes. Additional codes codes have been revised or removed.

STAT ICD-9 2009 contains the complete set of 14,025 ICD-9-CM Short Descriptions (Version 26 Effective October 1, 2008 – diagnosis codes only).

Precise medical diagnosis coding is now at your fingertips. Developed by a practicing physician who does all his own ICD-9 coding, this new iPhone tool can be used with just one hand.

How much are you paying someone to do your diagnosis coding? How much do you lose when codes are not specific enough?

All of the current diagnosis codes are available for quick retrieval by disease classification in a drilldown format with no typing. Code to the highest level of specificity every time. There is no need to overuse nonspecific “NOS” codes that often do not meet medical necessity criteria. You’ll never be at a loss to rapidly find the most specific diagnosis code again.

STAT ICD-9 works faster because it gives you only the information that you need – the diagnosis name and the ICD-9 code.

However, don’t buy any coding tool unless you have had a chance to fully test it in your practice. Please try STAT ICD-9 LITE, the free version, which contains the 2008 ICD-9 codes. Then consider purchasing STAT ICD-9 2009 for the current codes, as published by CMS, effective October 1, 2008.

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STAT ICD-9 2009STAT ICD-9 2009STAT ICD-9 2009STAT ICD-9 2009STAT ICD-9 2009

MediMath Medical Calculator

March 25, 2009

MediMath Medical Calculator$4.99 from Evan Schoenberg MediMath Medical Calculator

MediMath puts 135 of the most important medical calculators and scoring tools in the palm of your hand with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Its fast interface and comprehensive results help you spend less time crunching numbers and more time caring for patients.

What makes MediMath the best?

• Streamlining. Enter values and units (US or SI), for each item in each calculator, without tapping through multiple screens and prompts. Tap Next and Previous to go between fields. ONLY MediMath offers speedy entry!
• Calculator selection: quality AND quantity.
• Multiresult. Where applicable, MediMath will give you multiple useful results. For example, risk scores also show a percent mortality result.

Other features:

• 135 calculators and scoring devices
• Categories, Search, Favorites, and Recents let you find what you want, fast
• Double-tap to add to favorites
• Additional information, including equations, helpful hints, and references, for each
• Multimedia: for example, the NIH Stroke Score includes the necessary pictures
• Always returns to where you left off

If you liked the excellent Medcalc or Medmath programs on your last PDA, you’ll love MediMath, which looks as good as it works. If you’ve never used a medical calculator, you’re in for a treat.

MediMath 2.7 sports:
• A-a Oxygen Gradient
• Abbreviated Mental Test Score
• ABCD² Restroke Risk
• Absolute Neutrophils
• Acid-Base Interpretation
• Alvarado Score
• Anion Gap (Serum, Urine)
• Aortic Valve Area (Continuity, Gorlin)
• ATP III Cholesterol Guidelines (for in-depth coverage, see the “ATP3 Lipids” app)
• Apache II
• APGAR Score
• Arterial Oxygen Content
• Barthel’s ADL Index
• Basal Energy Expenditure
• Bayesian calculators
• Bishop Score
• Blatchford UGI Bleeding Risk
• BMI for Age (Pediatric BMI)
• Body Surface Area (4 Calculators)
• Boston Heart Failure
• Burn Fluid Requirements (Parkland)
• Cardiac Output
• CHADS Score (AFib Stroke Risk)
• Charlson Comorbidity Index
• Change in Serum Sodium (IV Fluids)
• Child-Pugh
• CHIP (CT in Head Injury Patient) Rule
• Corrected CSF WBCs for RBCs, QT, Serum Calcium, Phenytoin, Serum Sodium calculators
• Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault, Measured)
• CURB-65 Pneumonia Mortality
• Dermatomes
• Duke Treadmill Score
• Fibromyalgia
• Fraction Excretion of Sodium (FeNA)
• Framingham Cardiac Risk
• GFR (MDRD, Wright, Cockcroft-Gault, Salazar-Corcoran, CPK-EPI)
• Glasgow Coma Scale
• Hepatitis Discriminant
• Ideal Body Weight
• Intracranial Hemorrhage Volume and Mortality calculator (ABC/2 method)
• IV Concentration, Dose, and Rate
• Kt/V (Daugirdas formula)
• Maintenance Fluids
• Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
• MELD & PELD Scores
• Mini Mental Status Exam
• NIH Stroke Scale
• Opioid Converter
• Osmolal Gap (Stool)
• Osmolality (Serum)
• Ottawa Ankle/Foot Rules
• Oxygenation Index
• Peak Flow (Predicted)
• Pediatric Dosing Calculator
• Perioperative Cardiac Risk
• PORT Score (Pneumonia Severity Index)
• Pregnancy Wheel
• Ranson’s Criteria (Pancreatitis Mortality)
• Reticulocyte Index
• SIRS Criteria
• Sodium Deficit
• Steroid Equivalency Converter
• Target Heart Rate
• TIMI Score (STEMI & Unstable Angina/NSTEMI)
• Transtubular Potassium Gradient
• Umbilical Line Placement
• Unit conversion
• Water Deficit
• Wells’ Criteria (DVT & PE)
• Winter’s Formula

** AND MANY MORE! See for the complete list and more screenshots. **

Dosing calculators include drug loading and saving.

Please contact us if you have questions or calculator requests! MediMath will be updated regularly with new features and more equations.

MediMath Medical CalculatorMediMath Medical CalculatorMediMath Medical CalculatorMediMath Medical CalculatorMediMath Medical Calculator


February 26, 2009

BP-Charter$1.99 from e-Agent BP-Charter

Blood-Pressure Charter is another of our health on your iPhone tools.

BP-Charter™ records your blood pressure, heart rate and medication diary for reporting to your doctor.

Our applications will optionally report your readings to an email address of your choice. The data is anonymous containing a PIN number for reference purposes.
Disclose this PIN number to your health professional to allow them to monitor your readings.

There is also provision for you to record your medication levels.

Please check out our other health products Weight-Charter™ and Glucose-Charter™ (an App-store Staff favorite!)
Rx Assistant Lite & BMI Charter™

Be sure to visit our User Forum, for support and feedback. We appreciate your participation in making our applications better for you and our many other customers.

In evaluating the potential of using BP-Charter™ do feel free to visit our support site (See Support Link Below) and review our extensive “BP-Charter™ Manual” that contains over 20 screenshots.

As always updates are free of charge.