iTM Keys

iTM Keys$5.99 from Silicon Studios iTM Keys

Your iPhone / iPod touch is not a toy !

iTM turns it into a hi tech midi controller for your DAW or VJ tool

Networked computer running iTouchMidi OSX / WIN required
available from device or download from

Compatible with OSX 10.4/10.5 & WIN XP/VISTA 32/64

iTM Keys is one of the iTM suite classics
A full featured midi keyboard, a essential tool for any daw

Perfect for Garageband !
No configuration needed, just turn on rec enable


Midi keyboard (C-2 -> C8)
Multi function bend: Pitch, Modulation, CC, Velocity
Midi Channel select
Program and Bank change
4 function button (mappable in your software)

Watch out for other iTM releases !

iTM MidiLab (free, use it to try iTM)

iTM Tilt
iTM Pad
iTM Matrix

Coming soon 🙂

iTM Modular

iTM Keys


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