Daisy Feed

October 7, 2008

Daisy Feed$0.00 from David Banks Daisy Feed

This RSS feed reader and organizer allows you to follow blog posts, articles, or news stories easily and efficiently in a single application. You can display your most frequently read feeds on your Favorites screen or catalog them by category. At the tap of a button, you can view the AideRSS PostRank of your feed to determine the relevance and community reaction to the articles. This full featured application is extremely easy to use and setup and best of all, its free.

– Use the favorites list for easy viewing of your top picks
– Catalog all your feeds in user-defined categories
– Use AideRSS PostRank to read only the most relevant articles
– Quickly identify the number of unread articles from your Favorites list
– User configurable application behaviors
– Quick “Mark All As Read” or “Delete All” functionality
– Easy to use AutoDiscovery, eliminates remembering/entering lengthy feed URLs
– Supports RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom 1.0
– Offline viewing of downloaded feeds
– One touch email integration
– Internal brief story viewer or Safari quick-launch

Daisy FeedDaisy FeedDaisy FeedDaisy FeedDaisy Feed


Chess Club Gold

October 7, 2008

Chess Club Gold$3.99 from Visionary Bits Chess Club Gold

We have 2 releases : Chess Club Free, and Chess Club Paid. This “Paid” version include all of the standard free game, and many more exclusive features such as Play against Computer, and Play with Friends, watch your own replays, and watch a collection of more than 130 famous games.

Our membership has grown by more than 8,000 members in December and growing at a steady rate. Join the Chess Club now through this exclusive membership.

Standard Features
– “Play Anyone” Online over network : 3G/Edge/Wifi
– Customizable board layout
– Accurate realtime clock
– In game chat.
– Up to 9 game variants including chess960

Additional (PAID) Features
– “Play with Friends” – Create game room, and play with your friends.
– “Practice” – Play chess offline against (CPU or 2 human player) including Undo move, Hint, Variants
– “Replay” – Any online or offline games are saved.
– “Learn” from the most famous chess games in history.
– Includes a Collection of 130+ games from great GMs such as (Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Spassky, Gligoric, Larsen, Portisch, Fischer, Karpov, Kramnik, and more)

Chess Club GoldChess Club GoldChess Club GoldChess Club Gold

Stack It Up

October 7, 2008

Stack It Up$0.99 from James Kwan Stack It Up

This game tests your hand and eye coordination. Try to stop the blocks so they stack on top of each other. Keep an eye on the blocks and your hand on the button.

The blocks will move from side to side and its your objective to stop the blocks so that they stack on top of each other. You only need to stack one block to complete the level. The blocks move faster and faster as you complete each level. There are 12 levels in each stage.

There are three difficulty settings.
* Easy – You get three blocks to stack so you have more room to make a mistake.
* Medium – You get two blocks to stack so you have more room to make a mistake.
* Difficult – You get one block to stack so no margin for error.

Play this game anywhere anytime on your iphone and itouch. Great way for you, your friends and family to try to beat each others scores.

Stack It UpStack It UpStack It UpStack It Up

Trivia Bingo: Entertainment Edition

October 7, 2008

Trivia Bingo: Entertainment Edition$1.99 from Aisle4 Software Trivia Bingo: Entertainment Edition

**** UPDATE ****

Price drop! Trivia Bingo: Entertainment Edition is now only $1.99! If hundreds of entertainment and pop culture questions aren’t enough for you, now you can also test your sports knowledge with Trivia Bingo: Sports Edition, also $1.99!


Finally! A trivia game that’s actually a game!

Trivia Bingo Entertainment Edition is a trivia and strategy board game based on the concept of Bingo, with a bit of Tic Tac Toe and a few interesting twists of its own:

1) You’re in control of your own destiny!
Take bingo cells by getting related trivia questions correct. Strategically choose cells on the game board based on what trivia categories cater to your strengths and try to get a 4-cell Bingo line in any direction to win!

2) Challenging single player game concept!
Careful not to get a question wrong because the game board will disable that cell stopping you from going down that path. The more questions you get incorrect, the more challenging it is to win.

3) Original questions!
Our trivia questions are not the typical store-bought questions you’ve seen before. We had our own panel of entertainment experts create these questions specifically for our game! You’ll get hundreds of questions in five challenging categories: Movies, TV, Music, Celebrity Gossip and Games. Furthermore, our random question engine will make sure that you will not see a repeated question until you’ve exhausted our whole question database, and that should take quite a while!

4) Awesome Multiplayer!
Trivia Bingo has one of the best trivia multiplayer experiences on the Apple Store! Using a single iPhone or iPod Touch, you and an opponent will take turns trying to outwit and outsmart each other on the game board until someone gets a Bingo! Worried about a stalemate? Worry not! We made sure Trivia Bingo’s multiplayer mode MUST have a winner! Once all of the cells on the board are taken, you can start stealing cells away from your opponent!

Aisle 4 Software is just getting started on our mission to create quality products for your entertainment. Learn more about us at http://www.aisle4.com.

Trivia Bingo: Entertainment EditionTrivia Bingo: Entertainment EditionTrivia Bingo: Entertainment Edition

Skeleton 3D Bobblehead

October 7, 2008

Skeleton 3D Bobblehead$0.99 from QThere Skeleton 3D Bobblehead

Celebrate Halloween with your very own Skeleton Bobblehead. This model is realistically rendered in 3D and responds to your iPhone’s accelerometer.  Once you launch the app, lightly twist and turn your iPhone in all directions to see the head bobble under your control.

Look for other QThere bobbleheads to add to your collection!

Be sure to check out the new Scarecrow Bobblehead, also available NOW on the AppStore by searching on “QThere”!

Skeleton 3D BobbleheadSkeleton 3D BobbleheadSkeleton 3D Bobblehead

Cities – World Clock

October 7, 2008

Cities - World Clock$0.99 from Bjango Cities - World Clock

If it’s 9 PM, Friday 20 June in Melbourne, Australia, what time and day is it in Trieste, Italy? Or Detroit, USA? Cities lets you travel the world to see what time it was, is or will be for any city on any time or date, from the perspective of any timezone (including the one you’re currently in).

It’s a great meeting planner. Scheduling meetings, conference calls, or any other event with multiple parties across the globe has never been easier!

Cities features a world clock with a huge database of over 2300 cities in over 180 countries. Custom cities can be added in the unlikely event that you can’t find what you’re after.

Follow us: twitter.com/bjango

Cities - World ClockCities - World ClockCities - World ClockCities - World Clock

日本語からフランス語のフレーズ集 – Talking Japanese to French Phrasebook – J2FrPhrases

October 7, 2008

日本語からフランス語のフレーズ集 - Talking Japanese to French Phrasebook - J2FrPhrases$15.99 from Hanashite.com 日本語からフランス語のフレーズ集 - Talking Japanese to French Phrasebook - J2FrPhrases


Hanashite.com の Jp2FrPhrasesは実際にフランス人が毎日会話で使っているようなフランス語のフレーズの発音を紹介している会話集です。



From greetings to standing up for your self, from small-talk to falling in and out of love, this talking phrase book will get you speaking French like a native French speaker in no time.

Hanashite.com’s J2FrPhrases is a talking phrase book that pronounces French phrases as they are really spoken in everyday conversations among French people.

By listening to, and speaking French as it is really spoken, your listening comprehension will increase more rapidly.

日本語からフランス語のフレーズ集 - Talking Japanese to French Phrasebook - J2FrPhrases日本語からフランス語のフレーズ集 - Talking Japanese to French Phrasebook - J2FrPhrases