Junior Flash Cards

October 23, 2008

Junior Flash Cards$2.99 from iHarwood.com Junior Flash Cards


“Junior Flash Cards” is a quick and easy way to learn basic numbers, words, colours and shapes. Flash cards are universally recognised learning aide. Traditionally paper cards are used with the educator writing the words/numbers to be learnt on the cards. So with the traditional method each card can only be used for one word. Junior Flash Cards comes with over 700 cards that can be changed to meet the educator’s needs. Additional cards and card sets can be created to suite anybodies requirements.

Different card colours are also supported. This brings a bit of variety and it can also help the student read the text on the cards.

To further help the student “Junior Flash Cards” has a speak function. The function plays an audio clip of the word written on the current flash card (note this is only available on the cards supplied with “Junior Flash Cards”). This helps to develop the student’s pronunciation of the words and numbers.

“Junior Flash Cards” also allows you to create custom card sets. This feature is really useful to setup sets with locally used words or to help learn a specific set of words for a test or exam!

Over 700 words split in to 21 card sets.

* Alphabet (lower case)
* Alphabet (upper case)
* Alphabet (mixed case)
* Numbers 1 to 10
* Numbers 1 to 100
* Reception year
* Year 1 to 2,
* Year 4, Term 1
* Year 4, Term 2
* Year 4, Term 3
* Year 5, Term 1
* Year 5, Term 2
* Year 5, Complete list
* Colours
* Shapes
* Simple Words 1
* Simple Words 2
* Simple Words 3
* Simple Words 4
* Simple Words 5
* Simple Words 6

Junior Flash CardsJunior Flash CardsJunior Flash CardsJunior Flash CardsJunior Flash Cards

Pocket Elf

October 23, 2008

Pocket Elf$1.99 from Skylar Cantu Pocket Elf

Pocket Elf is a helpful budgeter that makes keeping track of any holiday spending a breeze. You can either assign gifts to your friends, or just remember gifts for later, whether you’ve purchased them already, or are just thinking.

Plus, the adjustable countdown timer lets you adjust for any date, making Pocket Elf your friendly assistant no matter what holiday or anniversary is upcoming!

Pocket ElfPocket ElfPocket ElfPocket ElfPocket Elf

aPix Hotties ON SALE

October 23, 2008

aPix Hotties ON SALE$0.99 from FunMobility aPix Hotties ON SALE

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Show yourself off and upload your favorite iPhone photos to win a contest. Exchange pics and meet people in your area.

Endless amounts of sexy pictures of girls or hunks for your viewing pleasure. Fun for both girls and guys of both sex.

Lifetime access. Download and pay for this application once without paying a monthly subscription.

Join the hottest party and download now!

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aPix Hotties ON SALEaPix Hotties ON SALEaPix Hotties ON SALEaPix Hotties ON SALEaPix Hotties ON SALE

ZeusDraw Mobile

October 23, 2008

ZeusDraw Mobile$9.99 from Chromatic Bytes, LLC ZeusDraw Mobile

ZeusDraw Mobile is a professional drawing program for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It works for anything from doodling on a photo to serious drawing.

ZeusDraw Mobile features –

* Smoothed drawing – with many programs, if you move you finger quickly, your line turns into an unpleasant looking polygon. ZeusDraw Mobile’s freehand tool can turn these into nice smooth curves or smoothly drawn filled areas for you. (You can control the degree of smoothing or turn it off if you like.)

* Editing – it’s hard to get things exactly right the first time – especially on a small gadget! Use the iPhone’s multi-touch capability to place, scale or rotate what you just drew.

* Text – any font, any orientation. Tap to show where you want text to go or drag a line to show the size and orientation of your text, and then use the keyboard to enter your text..

* Brushes – add texture or interesting effects to your drawing with ZeusDraw’s brushes. Use them with transparent colors to get watercolor-like effects.

* Color – customizable palette including transparent colors.

* Eraser – any of the drawing tools, including text, can be used as an eraser. Erasures can be edited with multi-touch just like drawn elements.

* Picture in Picture – you can, of course, use one of your photos as a background, but you can also import pictures to use as elements in your drawing and place, scale and rotate them like any other drawing element.

* Shapes – selection of predefined shapes.

* Zoom – zoom in to at work at 1.5x or 3x.

ZeusDraw MobileZeusDraw MobileZeusDraw MobileZeusDraw MobileZeusDraw Mobile

Say Where – Voice Maps

October 23, 2008

Say Where - Voice Maps$0.00 from Dial Directions Say Where - Voice Maps

TALK instead of typing — speak to GOOGLE MAPS and other sites, including:
+ Google Maps

Want a business listing, directions, review, or map? Get it faster by speaking. Say Where’s advanced speech technology lets you speak any BUSINESS SEARCH or ADDRESS in the U.S. For example, say:

“Delfina Restaurant”
“gas stations”
“Japanese food”
“Golden Gate Bridge”
“1275 Broadway”
“Market & 4th Street”


Like Say Where? Download Say WHO — the most popular voice dialer on the iPhone.

No training – just say any CONTACT or PHONE NUMBER, and it AUTO-DIALS. Say the full name, or just first or last name. You can add: HOME, MOBILE, OFFICE. For example, say:

“Michelle GREEN”
“Michelle Green at HOME”
“5 5 5 0 2 4 5”
“6 1 7 5 5 5 1 9 3 2”

FEEDBACK — Comments? Requests? We’d love to hear from you at:

Say Where - Voice MapsSay Where - Voice MapsSay Where - Voice MapsSay Where - Voice MapsSay Where - Voice Maps

Our Favorite iPhone Apps for Lawyers–ABA TECHSHOW 2009 Edition
What happens when four lawyers from diverse practices and backgrounds get together to discuss how each uses their iPhone to improve their productivity and reduce a few of life’s frustrations? You get a great list of iPhone apps that are

2008 tíz legnépszerűbb iPhone-alkalmazása
A Wired összeszedte, mi pedig megmutatjuk, a tízezres szoftvertömegből melyik tíz iPhone alkalmazás volt a legjobb 2008-ban. ( Eredeti cikk Index.hu ). 10. Stanza (Free) e-book olvasó, az Amazon Kindle nevű alkalmazásának fő

iPhone Musings From The Studio
For both the interested and disinterested, I did receive one gift from my holiday wish list (because I purchased it for myself). I got the iPhone 3G with 16 gig of memory to replace my Treo 750. It is shiny black and chrome with a

10 Most Awesome iPhone Apps of 2008
Ok, seriously, this is a dumb list. There are only 3 of them that i agree with. I’ll make my Top 10 list let you know 10 apps you HAVE to have if you have an iPhone. In case you are interested, the two I agree with are NetShare and

10 Most Awesome iPhone Apps of 2008
The iPhone alone is an amazing device. But it’s the phenomenal App Store that’s made the iPhone truly revolutionary, by giving thousands of independent developers the ability extend and transform the device with their creativity.

10 Best iPhone Apps of 2008
Wired reviews 10 Most Awesome iPhone Apps of 2008: 10. Stanza A book reader that grabs free titles from public domains, making the iPhone a worthy competitor to Amazon’s Kindle. Download Stanza (Free). 9. SayWhere

Voice recognition on the iPhone or iPod touch
There’sa bunch of surprisingly good voice recognition applications which are now available on the iPhone or iPod touch. I use “Say Who” (free) for being able to do voice dialing, and “Say Where” (free) for using your voice to interact

First Look: Google’s Voice Search App for iPhone, Impressive Results
Google has an update to their native iPhone application that integrates voice recognition. With the new app, iPhone users can speak and ask questions directly into the device before Google returns back a set of search results.

Google’s iPhone app gets a voice: Yours
Google on Friday is expected to release version two of its mobile search application for the iPhone. The new version works much like the old one, letting users query Google outside of the mobile Safari Web browser, as well as search

Presentation Timer

October 23, 2008

Presentation Timer$0.00 from Takuya Murakami Presentation Timer

This is a simple timer application for your presentation.

– You can set up to three bell timing.
– The timer color will change after bell rings.
– You can ring bell manually.
– Support count-up / count-down mode.
– Support rotation.

Presentation TimerPresentation Timer

Spook Loops

October 23, 2008

Spook Loops$0.99 from john pinto Spook Loops

Not just for Halloween, Spook Loops is a sound application for your iPhone that comes pre-loaded with thirty frightening horror sounds, and ten custom slots for recording and renaming your own personalized sound clips!

Spook Loops multi-purpose features will come in handy all year round. Here’s just a few of the many ways you can have fun with Spook Loops:
>Set the countdown timer for up to 100 Hours and use it as an alarm clock.
>Set the timer and surprise a friend when they least expect it!
>Record a lullabye or favorite sound, and loop it for sleep ambience.
>Record a lesson and repeat it until it sinks into your brain!
>Record a special message for someone, and let Spook Loops say it for you on cue even if your not in the room!

The user-friendly, single-screen interface allows you to quickly navigate and select sounds using the iPhone’s slot-machine style Picker Wheel.
Start and Stop your favorite sounds in one of the three easy ways:
1) Set the Count Down Clock and allow the timer to expire.
2) Shake the iPhone device with the flick of your wrist.
3) Press the Start/Stop button from the Main Screen.

Keeping the Loop Mode button set to “ON” allows the player to repeat the selected sound continuously. Toggling the Loop Mode to “OFF” will cause sounds to be played only once. Adjusting the Loop Delay clock allows you to easily increase or decrease a pause in between loops.

Spook Loops also includes a Volume Control Slider which allows you to quickly adjust the sound level from 0% thru 100%.

Thirty high-quality sounds come pre-loaded in a variety of fun categories such as:
Terrifying Monsters
Horrifying Screams
Possessed Cats and Rabid Dogs
Laser/Machine Guns and Police Hot-Pursuit Siren

As an added bonus, all custom recording slots come pre-loaded with a Whitenoise loop. This sound will let you know that you have not recorded your own sound yet, but can also be used to effectively drown out most distracting background noises whenever you want to relax with some peace and quiet.

Future updates to Spook Loops will always be free of charge.

Download it now for only 99 cents and start enjoying the many ways you can have fun with Spook Loops!

Spook LoopsSpook LoopsSpook Loops