Exercise Tracker

October 11, 2008

Exercise Tracker$2.99 from Foundation HealthCare Network Exercise Tracker

The Exercise Tracker iPhone application allows users to easily track their exercise activity and weight on a daily basis. The application allows the user to enter activity by date, the type of activity (running, biking, walking, or swimming), the physical level of the activity (light, moderate, less than 5 miles and hour, etc.), the distance (feet, miles, yards, meters, steps), and the time in minutes. In addition to the above, the application calculates your calories burned for each entry.

The application has been written to synchronize with TulsaMillionMiles.com site which has been created by Healthy and Fit Communites (www.healthyandfitcommunities) but can also be used as a standalone application.

Exercise Tracker allows for multiple users to setup profiles per device which are all PIN/Password protected. The user can set goals related to weight management and view their progress.

Registered users of the above web site will enter their username and password which will tie their username in the Exercise Tracker to their account on that particular site. Please note that this is not a requirement to use the application, but the charts on the phone will only show if the user has an account on TulsaMillionMiles.com (a free web site).

Anytime an exercise activity or a weight log is entered on the iPhone, it is automatically transmitted to the TulsaMillionMiles.com website. It also works in reverse so that if someone was to login to TulsaMillionMiles.com and enters their exercise activity weight log, or make a change to their goals, the changes would be reflected the next time the iPhone Weight Tracker was started.

Exercise TrackerExercise TrackerExercise TrackerExercise TrackerExercise Tracker



October 11, 2008

Countries$0.99 from RAD Countries

Countries is an iPhone application that is educational and fun. Test your skills in identifying of more then 100 different countries.

An easy-to-use interface presents a map of the country and three possible choices. Touch a country selection. A green check mark indicates the correct choice. A red x-mark indicates wrong choices.

When you are ready to view the next country, touch the Next button.


Countries – New App
Countries is an iPhone application that is educational and fun. Test your skills in identifying of more then 100 different countries. An easy-to-use interface presents a map of the country and three possible choices.

Pumpkin Carving

October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Carving$0.99 from Pwnies Pumpkin Carving

Celebrate Halloween and the Fall season by making some glowing jack-o’-lanterns!

Touch the pumpkin to carve out the spooky (or not-so-spooky) design of your choosing. Jack-o’-lantern actually glows and flickers as if there was a candle inside the pumpkin!

Press the top and home buttons of your phone together to save your pumpkin to your photo album. Carve pumpkins to send Halloween greetings to friends and family, or just to put you into a spooky mood!

Pumpkin CarvingPumpkin CarvingPumpkin CarvingPumpkin CarvingPumpkin Carving

Talking Latin American Spanish to Japanese – JExpresa

October 11, 2008

Talking Latin American Spanish to Japanese - JExpresa$15.99 from Hanashite.com Talking Latin American Spanish to Japanese - JExpresa

From greetings to standing up for yourself, from small-talk to falling in and out of love, this talking phrasebook will help a Latin American Spanish person to speaking Japanese like a native speaker in no time. It contains over 700 real world phrases grouped in categories, many of which you will never learn in any classroom or textbook.

By listening to, and speaking Japanese as it is really spoken, your listening comprehension will increase more rapidly. And you’ll soon find yourself speaking like a native, surprising both yourself and everyone around you.

Talking Latin American Spanish to Japanese - JExpresaTalking Latin American Spanish to Japanese - JExpresa

Interval Trainer

October 11, 2008

Interval Trainer$1.99 from Conceited Software Interval Trainer

Cardio is boring. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is proven to burn up to 9 times as much bodyfat than regular cardio.

Interval Trainer is the perfect HIIT companion: it comes with a set of pre-defined workouts all using standard warm up, cool down, low intensity and high intensity interval durations.

Once the workout has started, Interval Trainer will not only keep track of the different intervals/parts of your workout, it will play different sounds and vibrate your iPhone when entering a cool down/warm up interval, a low or high intensity interval and upon completion of the workout.

Interval TrainerInterval TrainerInterval TrainerInterval TrainerInterval Trainer

Yum Phone

October 11, 2008

Yum Phone$0.99 from ObjectGraph LLC Yum Phone

Go retro with Yummy on this nostalgic rotary telephone designed for your iphone. Make actual phone calls and watch Yummy’s fun expressions as you spin him around! A guaranteed hit for the entire family.

Yum PhoneYum PhoneYum PhoneYum Phone

Super Horsey

October 11, 2008

Super Horsey$0.00 from Zohar Sherman Super Horsey

for limited time – Super Horsey is free!!!!

Horsey is a very challenging game.
Imagine that you are the traditional chess knight.
Your mission is to complete the labyrinth before
the time ends using the classic “L” shape knight movement.
Fast thinking is required.
Don’t forget that time is short.
Seeing the whole picture and moving at the same
time with the least possible moves will lead you to success.
The more you practice – the faster you get.
This game is endless as the abilities of your brain.

Super HorseySuper HorseySuper HorseySuper HorseySuper Horsey